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In 2013, my first daughter was born—a little ball of fire, eager to see, do, and learn as fast as she could. She was crawling by 5 months old, keeping me on my toes. Living on a lake full time, the concern of her wandering off near the water lingered. That's when I stumbled upon an ISR video of a little boy falling into the pool and, to my amazement, turning over to float!

The closest ISR lessons were a 50-minute drive away, but for my peace of mind, I had to take her. Although my husband was initially skeptical about the lessons and the cost, after the first week, he declared it "totally worth every penny"! At just 8 months old, our daughter learned how to float on her own, and I was hooked on ISR. Witnessing her self-rescue journey was truly amazing and gave us the peace of mind that we had equipped her for any "just in case" scenario.

Our second daughter arrived in 2014, and by 7 months, she, too, went through ISR lessons. Being an active water-loving family, ISR has become an integral part of our aquatic adventures. Both our daughters know how to swim and float, always understanding not to enter the water without mom or dad. It brings me immense joy to watch each of my children explore the world around them.

In April of 2018, I became an ISR instructor, inspired by the profound impact it had on my own family. Falling in love with the process of teaching children how to self-rescue, when Michael Petrella offered me an opportunity to work for him, I jumped at it. For 3 years, I worked as an instructor at ISR Grand Rapids. In 2021, I ventured out on my own, teaching from my home pool. By August 2022, I made a significant life change, leaving my 16-year career at the Post Office to become a full-time instructor. Residing in Jenison, MI for 5 years, I homeschool my daughters, who now also excel on the JAWS swim team while running ISR Swim Safe full time.

~Rebekah Milito
Founder of Swim Safe & ISR Certified Instructor

Safety-Centric. Empowering. Personalized



Emphasizing a strong focus on ensuring the safety of participants.



Providing skills that empower individuals, particularly children, to navigate water confidently.



Tailoring lessons to meet the unique needs and abilities of each swimmer.

Our Mission

Empowering futures through water safety education, ISR Swim Safe is dedicated to instilling confidence, fostering lifelong enjoyment of aquatic activities, and ensuring the safety of individuals, one stroke at a time.

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Meet our team

Rebekah Milito

Certified in 2018, Rebekah is a passionate instructor, offering personalized infant self-rescue swimming lessons since leaving a 16-year career at the Post Office in 2022, with a mission to empower and instill confidence in children, creating a safer and joyful aquatic experience for families in Jenison, MI.

Kim Culver

Kim joined the ISR family in 2015 as a parent witnessing the transformative impact of ISR lessons on her own daughters, fostering a love for swimming and instilling vital water safety skills. Thrilled to be a part of ISR, Kim now plays a crucial role in supporting instructors, encouraging parents, and ensuring seamless scheduling for all students.


Have questions or feeling unsure? We're here to help! Contact us for any inquiries or if you need assistance. Your confidence in water safety matters to us, and we're just a message away!


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